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Access industry tools/insights and connect to our curated global investor network who have invested over $470 million into esports and video gaming

This is how it works

1) Join

Startups apply to join and due diligence is completed by the Konvoy staff and advisors before being admitted to the platform

2) Pitch

Startups build an online profile that includes all necessary details & materials for investors to review

3) Present

Invited startups participate in in-person and online investor pitches. Investors can see all of the startup's materials on the Konvoy platform

4) Connect & Due Diligence

Investors can reach out directly to any startup, introducing themselves and asking important qualifying questions.

5) Deal Negotiation

Investors can invest in youdirectly (Konvoy doesn't take a fee) and that negotiation is between the investor and you as the founder.

6) Go Build It.

Together, investors & startups work together to build companies that will push the esports and video games sector forward

What our community has to say

  • “The Konvoy platform is a unique resource for anyone interested in investing the esports space, with insightful analysis, curated deal flow, and the ability to connect directly with founders.”
    Peter Macy
    CEO, Integrity Gaming
  • “Konvoy has helped Monetizr get better connected in the esports space and get the word out about what we’re doing to the people who matter.”
    Martins Bratuskins
    Co-Founder @ Monetizr

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Much, much more...

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As a startup member of Konvoy, you'll join other startups from around the world looking to make a difference in the esports and video game sector. By doing so, you'll attract the talent, partners, and investors you need to build a company that achieves your goals.

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